From the Director 

The Santa Monica Museum of Art is defined by intellectual and curatorial agility. As a kunsthalle, SMMoA functions as a cultural seismograph, responsive to the ideas and issues reverberating through an ever-changing art world. SMMoA’s capacity to sense and respond to the needs of a diverse public is evident in its award-winning education and outreach programs. We strive to nourish the community through the arts—to educate the eye, stimulate the intellect, and nurture the life of the mind and the spirit. We are committed to making contemporary art relevant, free, and accessible for all.

The winter season begins with Brian Weil, 1979–95: Being in the World and Moshe Ninio Rainbow: RugBrian Weil is the first major retrospective for an exceptional photographer whose heavily reworked and remediated images touch on such pressing civil rights issues as the ongoing HIV/AIDS pandemic and gender nonconformity. 



Moshe Ninio’s Rainbow: Rug, in SMMoA’s Project Room, is a life-size floor hologram of a partly folded Middle Eastern carpet. Visible in full from only one vantage point, the rug flickers in and out of view, like a magic trick or an apparition. SMMoA is pleased to present these two distinguished artists, whose work deliberately complicates the relationship between artist, viewer, and artwork.


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Elsa Longhauser
Executive Director

Elsa Longhauser