Cut Your Teeth: Wolvesmouth at SMMoA

Main Gallery Oct 15–Oct 26, 2013

Throughout the residency, museum visitors will have the opportunity to explore the installation and watch Wolvesmouth prepare during regular hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm.

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Cut Your Teeth: Wolvesmouth at SMMoA
Oct 15–Oct 26, 2013





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Cut Your Teeth: Wolvemsouth at SMMoA, Installation detail
Craig Thornton, creator of Wolvesmouth
Cut Your Teeth: Wolvemsouth at SMMoA, Installation detail
Craig Thornton of Wolvesmouth, Photo by Christie Hemm Klok
Plate by Craig Thornton of Wolvesmouth, Photo by Christie Hemm Klok
Cut Your Teeth: Wolvemsouth at SMMoA dinner
Cut Your Teeth: Wolvemsouth at SMMoA dinner
Cut Your Teeth: Wolvemsouth at SMMoA dinner
Plate by Craig Thornton of Wolvesmouth, Photo by Christie Hemm Klok
Cut Your Teeth: Wolvemsouth at SMMoA, Installation detail
Craig Thornton installing a chandelier made of thousands of coyote teeth

Craig Thornton, creator of the underground dining experience Wolvesmouth, and artist Matthew Bone create an enchanted installation and series of dinners at SMMoA. Wolvesmouth’s exquisitely-calibrated culinary encounters, which take place nightly in the Museum, explore the collision of food and art.

Wolvesmouth is not a restaurant but rather dining in its original, communal form. Thornton has operated Wolvesmouth out of his downtown Los Angeles loft for the last four years, and has quickly earned a reputation as a Zagat-rated, New Yorker-featured chef. In a time of “simple food” trends, Thornton is known for his unapologetically visceral, often painterly plating aesthetic. That unique aesthetic sparked the collaboration between Thornton and Bone, a three-year long conversation around color theory that has moved from the plate to the walls to—culminating with the installation at SMMoA—the entire environment.

Cut Your Teeth is the ultimate Wolvesmouth experience. Inspired by the relationship between predator and prey, Thornton and Bone have transformed the Museum’s Main Gallery into an overgrown installation of organic, vegetal, and skeletal forms. Their work explores the harvest, reproduction, and the cycle of life and death, complete with cayote teeth, fertile earth and flora, and taxidermied animals. The installation, combined with Thornton’s mythological culinary skills, emphasizes nature’s capacity to evoke the sublime, to give life and also take it away. In hosting Cut Your Teeth: Wolvesmouth at SMMoA, the Santa Monica Museum of Art underscores its own agility—as a contemporary kunsthalle it continuously favors creative invention over tradition.

Dinners will take place October 15 through 19 and 22 through 26 at 6:30 and 9:30 pm