dosa at SMMoA

Project Room 1 Jul 19–Aug 23, 2014

Opening Reception:
Friday, July 18, 6 to 8 pm

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dosa at SMMoA
Jul 19–Aug 23, 2014





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Courtesy of dosa
Santa Monica Museum of Art dosa opening
Courtesy of dosa
dosa whites
Courtesy of dosa
Santa Monica Museum of Art dosa opening
Courtesy of dosa
Santa Monica Museum of Art dosa opening
Courtesy of dosa
Santa Monica Museum of Art dosa opening
Courtesy of dosa
dosa new
Courtesy of dosa

The Santa Monica Museum of Art’s gift shop, GRACIE, presents dosa at SMMoA, an art installation and temporary shop featuring dosa’s exquisite Summer 2014 collection. dosa is a Los Angeles-based, internationally-minded line of clothing, accessories, and housewares, which celebrates the beauty of handmade and recycled materials. Founder and Designer Christina Kim presents a white collection for her third annual installation at SMMoA, offering visitors a strong visual contrast to the vibrant array of hues in the Museum’s main exhibition, Robert Swain: The Form of Color

“White is the reflection of all colors, yet has the distinction of none. It is simultaneously complete and empty.” says Kim. Informed by her Korean heritage, Kim designs in a palette of white to express simplicity and subtlety. “Working in monochrome quiets the larger details and allows nuances to step forward, making more legible the variances in tone and shade. Much is hidden in plain sight, discovered only when one learns to see. I use white fabrics to evoke lightness, and to inspire moments of dreaming.”

dosa’s Summer 2014 collection begins with layers of white, then gives way to prints and patterns. Impromptu textile prints, drawn from illustrations by artists Ed Tsuwaki and Patty Curtan, introduce an element of levity and play to the collection. Additional patterns, including graduating stripes and checks in white and blue, were inspired by vintage Japanese weave samplers. A way for weavers to freely experiment, sampler books show the progression of new ideas: stripes to checks, lights to darks, and the interesting spaces in between. 

dosa’s wares are displayed at SMMoA on a frame structure built by architect Lindon Schultz from unplaned, whitewashed wood. In the background, hundreds of photographs in white, casual snapshots taken by Kim during her international travels, are displayed. “I use photographs like color chips, a way to catalog the distillation of colors that define the way I see,” Kim explains.

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dosa at SMMoA is part of an ongoing creative relationship between SMMoA Executive Director Elsa Longhauser, GRACIE Retail Curator Amy Coane, and dosa Founder Christina Kim. The project extends the success of past dosa at SMMoA installations, which raised over $60,000 to support the Santa Monica Museum of Art. All proceeds will support the Museum’s exhibitions and programs.